cnnI work with students, graduates and aspiring journalists who want to strengthen their skills before applying for an entry-level job in the industry. Please note that I offer guidance, insight and feedback for applications in the journalism industry only.

Newsroom internships – I can help you search for the right internship and give you feedback on your application (including your cover letter and CV)

MA courses in journalism – I can help you identify the right university and programme for you and guide you through all stages of an application for an academic BA/MA course in the UK or elsewhere in the EU. After you get admitted, we can search together for scholarships that can help you cover your costs and fees.

Journalism trainings and courses– If you’re looking for courses to improve your knowledge and skills in the EU or elsewhere, we can make a list of opportunities based on your interests and then I can help you apply for them.

Entry-level jobs and freelancing – If you want to apply for an entry-level job in the UK/international media, I can offer you guidance on where to look for opportunities and how to approach hiring managers and HR officers.

General career advice – I am also available for one-off sessions on Skype, where you can ask anything related to the journalism industry.

Please visit the PRICES page for details.