Liliana CiobanuLiliana Ciobanu is a staff journalist working for The Associated Press Television News, based at the headquarters in London.

The Associated Press is a global news network, delivering fast, unbiased news from over 280 locations in 110 countries worldwide to all media platforms and formats. AP’s international video news service is edited and sent to broadcast and digital clients around the world.

Before joining The Associated Press, she was freelancing mainly as a Deputy Foreign News Editor for Sky News in London. There, she was responsible for Sky’s foreign correspondence by liaising output producers with the channel’s correspondents, international bureaus, affiliates and freelancers. She also managed the Foreign Desk’s intake operations by monitoring video agencies and news wires, as well as supervising pre-recorded and live feeds coming from the field. She worked closely with the Senior News Editor on day shifts and minded the Desk alone on overnight shifts.

Before moving to London, Liliana was based in Romania where she founded and ran her own independent television production company. It delivered major news, features and current affairs to the international media and also offered a wide range of additional production services for international media outlets, such as production and post-production equipment, transport services, cameramen, video editors and drivers.

During that time, she collaborated with various international media organizations including CNN, The Economist, France 24 English, Sky News, ITV, Euronews, Channel 5 UK, RT, ARTE, The Sunday Times, The Atlantic and The Huffington Post.

Throughout 2012, she covered for CNN, The Economist and France 24 English the political crisis in Romania, by reporting on the massive anti-government demonstrations in January, the government’s resignation, the change of power, the suspension of the country’s president, the impeachment referendum and the local and parliamentary elections. Liliana has also reported live for CNN International and France 24 English on major stories in Romania.

In 2010, she spent three months at the CNN Global Headquarters in Atlanta, working as an intern for the International Assignment Desk. During this internship, she also worked for and for the various shows, such as BackstoryI-DeskPolitical MannAfrican Voices and CNN Newsroom. She also wrote segments for Connect the WorldWorld One and Quest Means Business.

In 2009, she did another six-week internship at the CNN London Bureau, working for the morning show “CNN Today”.

Prior to working with the international media, Ms. Ciobanu worked as a correspondent for a TV news station in Romania, predominantly covering social stories. She did hundreds of packages and live reports.

Ms. Ciobanu holds a Master of Arts with Distinction in Television Journalism from the University of London. Her academic study was focused on the British broadcast industry, with an emphasis on news, current affairs and investigative programs. These programs were featured on BBC News, BBC One, BBC Two, BBC Three, BBC Four, Sky News, Channel 4, Channel 5 and ITV. Additionally, she studied media law and ethics in the British and American media industries.

Liliana attended journalism trainings in London, including a ”Making TV News.” course offered by Thomson Reuters Foundation, a workshop on BBC’s editorial values and storytelling at the BBC Headquarters and a TV Training Academy workshop on TV Presenting. She also attended journalism seminars and trainings in France and Belgium.

Ms. Ciobanu possesses advanced skills in filming and photography and can work with professional camcorders and DSLR cameras. Her technical knowledge includes Adobe Premiere Pro, Avid Media Composer, Final Cut Pro, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop, iNews and ENPS.

Liliana speaks English and Romanian (fluent), Spanish and French (conversational). She is currently learning Arabic.

She has a great passion for international politics, current affairs, human rights, psychiatry, anthropology and philosophy.

Ms. Ciobanu started her career in the media industry when she was 16 years old, working as an intern for a local channel in her native Romania.