Liliana Ciobanu is a staff journalist at The Associated Press Television News in London, where she has the following responsibilities in the news department:  

Intake Editor: Coordinate AP journalists and bureaus around the world, curating incoming edits and advising on content and coverage expectations. Dealing with logistics and occasionally commissioning freelancers. Quickly reacting to breaking news stories, constantly working under pressure in a very busy environment.

• Night Editor: Responsible for commissioning and bringing in stories; liaising with teams and bureaus around the world during the London night hours. Coordinating coverage of breaking news and strategic planning as the story develops.

• Senior News Producer (Sub Editor): Working with a team of 6-8 news producers, coordinating their work, subbing around 40 scripts per shift and being responsible for the editorial and production quality of news stories sent to clients around the world.

 News Producer: Responsible for video editing and scripting news stories while maintaining high editorial standards. Working in a fast-paced environment, often producing breaking news edits, researching and fact-checking, sometimes liaising with AP journalists in the field.

• Social Media Editor: Sourcing User Generated Content, applying verification protocols to social media footage and online citizen journalism. Liaising with other AP journalists and UGC experts to coordinate UGC coverage during breaking news.

• Direct Night Producer: Responsible for the all-live video news service, APTN Direct, during the London night hours. Setting up live coverage of breaking and planned news and managing the content output.

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